About LP-Drugs

The aim of LP-DRUGS is to develop individualized drugs in the form of thin films through the Laser Induced Forward Transfer technique (LIFT).

Innovation / Goals:

  • The development of laser printing technology for the creation of customized pharmaceutical drugs.
  • The development of pharmaceuticals drugs in the form of thin films by printing micrograms of active substances in biopolymer matrices.
  • The development of medicinal products with controlled porosity for their immediate dissolution and absorption of the active substance.

The pharmaceutical preparations that will be developed are aimed at treating thyroid diseases, vascular diseases as well as cancers.

For this purpose, it is proposed to micro-print the following active substances:

  • Levothyroxine Sodium
  • Isosorbide Mononitrate
  • Paclitaxel

The project’s proposed methodology is the following:

Laser printing of active substances

Laser printing (LIFT) technique is based on the use of laser pulses to transfer material from a donor substrate to a recipient substrate. The printing of micrograms of active substances in the bio-polymeric matrices will lead to the development of pharmaceutical formulations in the form of thin films, which allow the controlled release of the active substance through the structural relaxation of the matrix by oral fluids.

Development of a Method of Determination of the Active Substance and Dissolution Study

The quality control of medicinal products will  comprise of the effort to determine the suitability of the pharmaceutical drugs, on the basis of clearly defined and verified specifications in accordance with applicable legislation. In LP-DRUGS, two main parts will be examined: a) The determination of the active substance and impurities in the developed formulation and b) the solubilization profile.

Pharmacokinetic study of thin film preparations in animal models

The bioavailability after oral administration of the thin films will be compared with the bioavailability of commercially available formulations (tablets) in pharmacokinetic studies.